This website,, is a portal to provide information related to Socialviens and its services. We respect your privacy and consider it our topmost responsibility to keep your personal information shared with us safe and secure. Please go through this privacy policy to understand how we collect, use, and protect the information of the users of the website.


How We Gather Information?

Contact Us Form- The Contact Us form given on various pages of this website allows us to gather your information directly.

Cookies- This website makes use of cookies to know about how users access the site, the web pages users visit, and how they navigate. But such information is not viewed at an individual level.

Internet Access logs- Socialviens also collects information through the internet access logs of the website. Users’ internet addresses are automatically retrieved by our internet access logs and are stored for future use.

How We Use Such Information?

These pieces of information are used to determine the most visited pages and sections of the site and to make the website more useful for the users and the clients of Socialviens. We may also use the information to contact you through emails and newsletters telling us about our new offers or events. You can unsubscribe from such newsletter whenever want.

How We Protect Such Information?

We make sure that users’ information we collect through various mediums stays absolutely secure with us. The collected data is kept safe behind a firewall and only a few of our staff members are authorized to access it.

Our privacy policy includes the following points-

  • We will collect information only after getting consent from the user and will use lawful ways to protect it.
  • No personal information will be collected unless it’s necessary and is associated with any procedure of Socialviens.
  • All information will be stored in a safe environment while making sure it’s protected from illegal or unlawful processing, unauthorized access, or any types of losses.
  • No piece of such information will be shared with anybody other than our employees or partners.